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Fishing Charters and Whale Watch Tours in Cape Cod Bay hailing out of Scituate, Massachusetts

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Saltwater Striped Bass Sport Fishing

As we say in Boston, "Stripahs ah wicked tasty."

Cape Cod Bay Bass Sport Fishing

Striped Bass fishing is exciting and fun. This prized federally protected game fish is tough to catch, but when caught worth every moment of effort. The species has really made a come back over the last 20 years due to the federal conservation efforts. Now Stripers are the norm to catch versus the exception.

Approximately 6 hours.
$1,400.00 (Discounts for fewer people)

Contact for Rates and Reservations.

Cape Cod Bay Bass Sport Fishing

Striped bass are also healthy to eat and are a fairly good size: running up to as much as 50 lbs. The typical catch is 20-30 lbs.

Cape Cod Bay Bass Sport Fishing

All gear and bait is included in this early morning charter out of Scituate, MA.

Cape Cod Bay Bass Sport Fishing

Bass is subject to Federal and State catch limit laws. The limit is 2 per person per day with a curved fork length of at least 28" (Tip of jaw to fork in tail).

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